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Customer feedback

The Memories range of books really only turn into 'Priceless Treasures' once they are filled in with your stories. Each completed book is totally unique and we really appreciate hearing all about the impact they have made.

Thanks so much to our customers below who have taken the time to let us have their thoughts - and don't forget, we'd love to hear from you too!


What our customers think....

I purchased a grandfather memory book from priceless treasures and I want to say thank you very much. It is not only a perfect present for my dad, but a lovely keepsake for my son. The order was made last minute and it was made and delivered in an unbelievable timescale. Julie was so helpful and creative with the personalised cover I did not need much input. It was perfect. Cannot recommend them enough. Will definitely be ordering more. Thank you.  Nicola (July 2013)

She is overjoyed with the book, hasn't stopped telling people about it and looking forward to all the time we will spend together filling it in.
Many thanks to you for your exceptional customer service and wonderful idea in creating this as it is currently ranking as the best gift I have ever given her. Dawn

I love the idea of giving someone a present that they can then choose to return to you the following year as their gift to you. And it really is a gift. 

I learned a lot about my grandparents that I didn't know before. 

Lou x

My mum was absolutely thrilled with her present she loved the nice touches the way it was presented and the note inside ranking high in one of the best presents i have brought for her. Caron

I have received the Grandmother’s Memories book and can honestly say I am extremely pleased with it and with the gift box it has arrived in together with the swift and efficient delivery. Elaine

Just wanted to let you know that my 'Memories Book' arrived today.  It's amazing, I love it, Sam will learn so much about me (and my family) by reading it, thanks for the pen also, that's a really thoughtful extra, I shall enjoy sharing my life with my little boy ... hoping I'm around long enough to share a lot more of it.

 Thanks again, you should be very proud of the service you are providing, not just for people with a terminal illness, but also for anyone who wants to leave a lasting legacy to their children. Carole

I often recommend you to friends because I think that what you are producing is excellent and different. Ray

I also love your New Parents Memories books and have now bought a couple of them for my friends who love them. Lyn

I've now started reading the New Parents Memories to my 5year old daughter - we completed it when she was a baby. She loves it and thinks it's hilarious! Marion

I gave my mum her 'grandmother' book yesterday for her birthday. It prompted a great deal of discussion about memories and the importance of preserving them, so the process started at the giving stage! I think your idea is absolutely fantastic. Gilly

This item is superb, fantastic value for money and to be honest a 100 times better than I thought it would be. My gran will be so happy!! Wendy

My memories book arrived this afternoon and is going to really be food for thought! Going back 70 years will be a real 'eye opener' for my Grand-Children and fun for me while I recall all the events. Thank you so much. What a brilliant idea it is! My Mother died last year at 90yrs and my sisters and I have been trying to put some memories together about her life, and believe me it's so difficult now she has gone. Anne

My mum did a book for me for my birthday which was wonderful. I'd asked her a couple of years ago to write stuff down about her life, but once she found this it made it a bit easier... It's a really wonderful product and it's without doubt the most wonderful present I've ever received, so thanks for doing it! Claire

What can I say but THANK YOU! The ideas behind your products are such a simple but highly effective idea. The memories will pass down for generations to come - all thanks to you. Just a few simple words on one of the cards in the Little Box of Thoughts had my best friend rolling with laughter at her wedding which gave a magic photo opportunity. I'm so glad to spread the word amongst friends and family and share your marvellous ideas with them. Lyn

I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with your Memory books. I purchased Mother's Memories for my Mum for Christmas 2005. On Christmas Day 2006, I was handed a package and I knew straight away what was in it! I can honestly say it was one of the best gifts ever. I sat enthralled as I read and read. I couldn't put it down. I can't believe that in my mother's memories there were things I'd never known. It was like the questions had opened the floodgates for more memories to flow out. My brother and sister are green with envy that I hold such an amazing bit of family history, all written down in my Mum's distinctive handwriting. It is particularly important to us as a family as our father died when we were quite young and with him a lot of memories. I would have dearly loved a Father's Memories book from him too. I hope many other people discover the special magic that your Memory books hold - mine is my most prized possession. Kim

A friend at my children's school had bought a memories book from you for her mother last Mother's Day. Her mother then sadly died suddenly. When going through her Mother's effects, she found the book and her Mother had completed it. It has brought her much comfort and she has found out things about her Mother that she never knew. Bernice

I purchased a Grandmother's memories book from you for my mother-in-law to fill in as a present for my daughter who was getting married. Unfortunately, Grandma has now passed on, but I just wanted to let you know how invaluable the book was to her vicar in preparing the address at the funeral. Many members of the family commented that they now know more about her than they did when she was alive. Thank you so much for the idea of producing the book in the first place. Loris


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