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Examples of completed books

Of course, everyone's book will end up being very different, but here's a couple of completed pages which show how the books can look.

These are pages from a Grandparents' Memories book (written by my mum and dad) and a New Parents' book (written by my husband and I for our son).


Example book

And as you can see, it doesn't even need to be perfect - in fact, my mum having squashed up her writing just so that she could get more words in, is a great reminder of her - she never stops talking!


Second Example of a completed book

You can add your own photographs or other mementos to any of the pages, whether or not there's a question that asks for a photo to be added - this page is from my own New Parents' book.


Third example of a completed book

And having the books completed in the person's own handwriting makes it even more special - I will always be able to conjure up an image of my parents sitting down writing this.

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