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New Parents' Memories Book

New Parents' Memories BookNew Parents' Memories Book

New Parents' Memories Book

New Parents' Memories book is a new style of Baby Book - it includes questions on how they felt throughout the pregnancy; their nerves, the excitement at the first scan (with space for scan pictures to be attached), how they told their family and what reaction they got - basically all their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.

It also includes questions on both their individual childhoods together with their joint history (for example, how they met, stories about their courtship/marriage, how and when they decided to try for a baby) and lots of evocative questions on how they felt the moment the baby was born, how they decided on their baby name, other names that were considered, how it felt the first time they held their baby, the nerves when they took their new baby home for the first time - and many, many more!

Prompted with simple, easy to answer questions, there is ample space to expand on any topic or attach photographs and/or mementoes.

The book contains 144 pages, measures 210x160mm and has a protective outer cover with space to allow you to attach your own photograph, making the book entirely personal to you.

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