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My Life In Pictures

My Life In Pictures

All of us have boxes and cupboards full of old photographs of family and friends, holidays and special events, birthdays and other family celebrations. And many of us have hundreds of digital photographs that have never been printed.

Photographs bring people, places and events to life - after all, every picture tells a story – but only if you know who those people and what those places and events are. Putting together an album of photographs depicting your favourite memories, and writing down a note of the stories behind the pictures, will create a lovely keepsake that will become a great pictorial record for future generations to treasure.

Each page contains prompts and space for the answers:
When and where was the photo taken?
Who is in it?
What was the event (if any)?


The album measures 210x150mm and contains 30 double sided pages, with interleaved sheets to protect your photographs.



8.50 per album or just 6.00 for 3 or more

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