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General Memories Book

General Memories Book

General Memories BookGeneral Memories Book

General Memories Book

Like all our books, you are prompted with simple, easy to answer questions, and given ample space to expand on any topic, or attach photographs/mementoes.

You'll be surprised that even the more mundane, day-to-day activities of your life will be amazingly interesting to future generations! Imagine knowing what your grandparents did as their first ever jobs, what they received (as children) at Christmas, how they got to school each day, what attracted them to each other and how they felt when they became parents. Well, your dependants will have all those answers!

This book is a great way to write your own biography. You'll have many happy hours recalling the answers to the questions, and remembering all the events of your life that have made you what you are today!

And, once completed of course, it makes a perfect gift for a loved one - or to be kept as a family heirloom.

The book contains 116 pages, measures 210x160mm and has a protective outer cover with space to allow you to attach your own photograph, making the book entirely personal to you.



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Memories Photo Album

Memories Photo Album

The Memories Photo Album is a lovely present in it's own right and also a perfect companion to any of our Memories books, using photos to depict the stories you are telling.



Gift Boxed Set

Gift Boxed Set

Our beautiful Gift Boxed Sets are a lovely way of turning a Memories book into a really special present.



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Archive Pens

Archive Pens

Pure pigment ink in a range of colours - black, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, gold, silver



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