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Legacy of Love Book

Legacy of Love Book

Legacy of Love Book

Gemini’s positive message will soothe and inspire mums, dads, and grandparents—even those most fearful of the inevitable—to spring into action, and create this precious parting gift, a timeless memento that surviving loved ones will treasure forever.

After losing her Mum to cancer at a young age, Gemini discovered that a typical inheritance doesn’t give surviving family, especially children, the ongoing loving support they really need. She began asking:

“If one of your parents died, what would you prefer: to inherit their money, or a letter saying how much they loved you?”

Over 90% expressed a wish for the loving letter.

In this book, Gemini gently explains how this purposeful activity, is not, as some might expect, a morbid task, but one that can bring incredible insight, peace of mind, and healing, especially for those dealing with aging parents, a terminal illness or loss.

By taking the 10 simple steps to Realise the Gift in Goodbye, you can . . .

> Step 1- Deal with Denial of the D-word.

> Step 2 - Get to Grips with Grief.

> Step 3 - Share Good Guidance.

> Step 4 - Leave Future Surprises.

> Step 5 - Create Musical Memories.

> Step 6 - Record your Life Story.

> Step 7 - Plan your Life Celebration.

> Step 8 - Start to Define Your Wishes.

> Step 9 - Learn to Follow Your Bliss.

> Step 10 - Rest in the Present - R.I.P.


Readers will also discover how to:

> Reduce your family’s suffering.

> Preserve special memories.

> Be fully prepared for the “worst.”

> Achieve total peace of mind.

> Share your real “wealth.”

> Parent children by proxy.

> Have no regrets!

10.00 per book or 8.50 for 3 or more

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