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Memories Photo Album

Memories Photo Album

Memories Photo AlbumMemories Photo Album

Memories Photo Album

A picture can tell a hundred words, but most of us have boxes or cupboards full of old photographs that just sit there!

You may be someone who has managed to put the photos in albums, but would anyone else in the family know who the people are, or why, when and where it was taken?

Why not create a family photo album? Put a photo of every family member on each page of a Memories Album and use the space and prompts provided to write down who they are, when and where the photo was taken and why (if you know).  It will become a lovely keepsake - a great pictorial record of the family for future generations to treasure, and certainly much easier and more informative than a box full of unidentifiable photos.

The album measures 210x150mm and contains 30 double sided pages, with interleaved sheets to protect your photographs, and prompts on each page to help you remember to jot down information about each photograph.




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