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Memories To Treasure

Memories To Treasure

Memories To TreasureMemories To TreasureMemories To Treasure

Memories To Treasure

A wonderful and poignant gift for a child or adult who is wanting to remain connected to someone who is no longer around.

It’s surprising how the people with whom you have shared your life can have such different memories about your times together. What makes one event stand out for one particular person will have a deeply  personal significance. Memories To Treasure comprises an album of loose leaf inserts that can be completed by someone close to the person or given to family and friends, complete with instructions and ideas on how to complete them.

The idea is that people who were important in their life write down details of a shared event or experience that made them smile, share information about that person, or reveal a special memory. The completed journal is guaranteed to produce many insights into their life and character that may otherwise have been forgotten – as well as revealing the significance of the relationships and people who were part of their life.

Contains one gold coloured soft-touch cover (250x250mm), containing 50 sheets of archive quality paper with an attractive design, a separate flyer with instructions/suggested prompts and an archive quality pen, all contained in a protective box.  Extra pages are available on request, at no additional cost.

If you want multiple copies of the book, once completed, this can be arranged - please contact us for further details.

25.00 per set - 17.50 for 3 or more

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