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Stay Close sets

Stay Close sets

Stay Close sets

It’s widely acknowledged that the power of touch has an amazing ability to calm and heal. Simply holding a precious object can help us feel that person is still with us even when they are absent.

In lonely times, or times of separation, these highly tactile objects can provide a physical reminder of a close relationship and the bond that will never be broken.

The Stay Close gift box contains a pair of matching or complementary items of your choice.  You can also purchase extras to allow one for everyone in your chosen circle whether they be immediate family members, extended family including grandparents, or close friends if required. A symbolic reminder that, together or apart, a family remains a family - no matter what.

The burgundy coloured gift box measures 120 x 70 x 45mm and will contain the appropriate number of organza bags with gift cards inside for each individual item purchased.

Items currently available are:  



Silver butterflyButterflies - Sterling silver 

43x30mm, a filigree design, made of sterling silver.  It would be possible to thread a silver chain through the antennae if required to use as a necklace. 





The LeafSterling silver leaves

35mm tall, with a centrally positioned hole allowing you to use it as a charm or necklace if you wished.




Silver AngelAngel charms:Angel Heart

Silver coloured angels, 15-20mm in size. These will be provided with a centrally positioned hole allowing you to use it as a charm or necklace if you wished.  Please note    that these are not sterling silver, but silver coloured metal. There are two versions - one with Hope written on, the other with just a heart - please email if you have a preference, otherwise a random selection will be sent.




Coloured heartsColoured Cats Eye hearts

In a choice of colours, (blue, purple, pink or turquoise) 30mm x 25mm in size, made of solid glass





Hematite stonesHematite stones 

Hematite is one of the most grounding crystals. It's got an energy of calmness, balance and clarity and can assist with reducing negativity and re-balancing yourself. It is often chosen as an aid for helping sleep difficulties.


We can provide MAGNETIC or non-magnetic stones- simply let us know which you'd prefer. Please note that the magnetic ones should not be used by people with pacemakers.



Clear StoneSnow quartz stones

A beautiful, smooth, stone - white in colour and approximately 20mm in size. 

Quartz crystal is said to be a powerful general healer. It works on all levels - strengthening, cleansing and protecting.




Rose QuartzRose quartz stones:  

Again approximately 20mm in size, this stone is claimed to calm emotions, helping suffering due to emotional trauma and heals wounds of neglect. 


A very healing stone for internal wounds, bitterness and sorrows, it promotes forgiveness, love and friendship.




Tiger's EyeTiger's Eye stones:

Again approximately 20mm in size and a lovely gold/brown colour. 






silver heartsSilver coloured hearts  

Patterned hearts, 20mm in size. Again, these will be provided with a centrally positioned hole allowing you to use it as a charm or necklace if you wished.  Please note that these are not sterling silver, but silver coloured metal.






Butterfly bronze

Butterflies - dark copper colour

46x24mm, made of a tactile resin material.





The Stay Close set contains two items of your choice, but each item is available individually so you can buy as many or as few as you need to suit your own circumstances.



10.00 for one set, just 7.50 for 3 or more boxed sets


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Stay Close individual items

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