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Wishing Scrolls

Wishing Scrolls

Wishing ScrollsWishing Scrolls

Wishing Scrolls

When time is limited, it is human nature to dwell on regrets about certain things we have said and done in our lives – or not said and done, as the case may be. Perhaps a relationship has become estranged for reasons which you now realise were senseless. Or perhaps you have been so caught up with everyday life that you have neglected someone important. But it can still be hard to say ‘sorry’ or to accept differences of opinion.

This silver coloured box contains four wishing scrolls, with guidance notes, to help you express your true feelings – to enable you perhaps to say how you wish things had been – and give you some closure on unresolved personal affairs.

I wish… that even when it’s tough (as it gets sometimes), that you will know you can get through. So proud of you! Love Mum

I wish… that you will always know that mum and I think you are a son in a million. Dad x


Dimensions - The silver coloured box is 5.5cms square x 3cmsdeep and contains 4 scrolls with red ties.

10.00 per set, 8.25 for 3 or more

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