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Our Memories books are a wonderful way of collecting all those family stories that only too easily get lost over the years. Each book (with the exception of our Blank Memories book) contains easy to answer questions and provides ample space to expand on any topic or attach photographs and/or mementoes.

BUT ... how do you choose which book is the right one from our extensive range?

Blank bookIf you prefer to be completely unstructured in your writing, the Blank Memories book is ideal.  However if, like most people, you don't know where to start, one of our others books - with over 200 prompt questions - is the perfect solution.

General Memories bookThe General Memories book contains the basic set of questions, starting at your birth, including questions about your parents, grandparents and other family members.  From there, the questions continue covering your childhood (where you lived when you were growing up, school memories, general childhood storied), teenage years, relationships, working life and through to memories from today. 

If you want to also share memories with your children, the Mother's or Father's Memories books are a lovely way of combining the standard set of questions with additional memories of combined imagethe time they came into the world.  With extra questions covering memories of your pregnancy and the early years of their childhood, it can be a great way of documenting those stories that you always meant to write in their baby books, but never quite managed to do!  The Parents' Memories book contains the same set of questions but simply has space for both parents to write their own memories in the one book, rather than having to purchase two books.

The Grandmother's, Grandfather's and Grandparents' Memories books also contain the original set of questions found in the general memories book, but have additional sections to record memories of how they felt when they became Grandparents, together with memories of special times spent with their Grandchild(ren).  (Please note, these books don't contain questions relating to pregnancy or the early years of their own children).New parents book

Our New Parents' Memories book is a new style of Baby Book - it includes questions on how they felt throughout the pregnancy; their nerves, the excitement at the first scan (with space for scan pictures to be attached), how they told their family and what reaction they got - basically all their thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams.

It also includes questions on both their individual childhoods together with their joint history (for example, how they met, stories about their courtship/marriage, how and when they decided to try for a baby) and lots of evocative questions on how they felt the moment the baby was born, how they decided on their baby name, other names that were considered, how it felt the first time they held their baby, the nerves when they took their new baby home for the first time - and many, many more!

If you want any more information about the differences between the books, please don't hesitate to contact us - we're always more than happy to help you decide which one is right for you (or a family member/friend).

And of course, with our money back, no quibble guarantee, you've got nothing to lose!  We'll happily swap over one book for another if you decide you want an alternative, or give you a refund if you prefer.

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